Friday, December 4, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots

Scott Weiland, Former Stone Temple Pilots Singer, Dead at 48
so long, farewell, some of my music youth....

Wednesday, November 4, 2015



Indie -  Indonesia
this has some interesting sounds... after hearing some 24 Indonesian rock bands... most based on punk, here's one that rock's out of the stream, mixing voices and metal instruments.

Lot of work that could be done in terms of sound balancing, but is original, and to me it counts a lot.

Here's the thing:

if you don't appreciate try #GIGI a Vimeo promoted band.

Band shows:

SCALE (1-20)

Thursday, October 29, 2015


so much to talk about this #Pixies band and how they affected generations;
almost an MIT band.... back in 86 their sound wasn't alike and fortunately out of the mainstream;

#Black Francis (voice, guitar)
#Kim (now at #Breeders) 2 substitution up to #pazlechantin (present bass player and voice)
#Joe Santiago (guitars)
#David Lovering (drum)

So every piece of records were jewels ...  daring, aggressive, really an alternative from the underground... with experimental rock sounds (e.g. '#vamos') !
The lyrics are crazy and defy any ones understanding - #trompe le monde is about UFOs eh eh eh (little Eiffel stands in the archway); But they made their public and now they show themselves finally to the masses..... still prefer the original sounds, even with Black Francis project with the #Catholics (phaser eyes) which is cool, but nothing in my opinion beats the sounds of #monkey gone to heaven ( #caribou, #debaser (don't know about you, but i am un chien.......), #ana #where is my mind (#fightclub movied played at the end.... a great finale !!!)

Now they have new songs... there is #Magdalene, What goes boom, the sounds are different, but they still some how innovate, and that's a good thing still renewing themselves.

Band Shows:

SCALE (1-20)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Is my impression or #Adele is getting near #Lana del Rey in what comes to image and subject ?
nevertheless she has a great voice.

Hopefully there will be other tracks..... on the track....

(i personally prefer #Lana)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Shout Out Louds

here's 5 element a band that comes from Sweden, with an interesting light songs;
" Tonight i have to leave it" is probably the best  known song, used for an ad of a telecom company;

They use multiple different sounds which produce unique final composition and depth to it.

They're rockin' since 2001, very chilled  at the stage which make them also peculiar, keyboards have impact in the whole as also for the girls voice which gives more consistency to the set.

So congrats to #shoutoutlouds, Sweden: 12 points

Band shows: -

SCALE (1-20)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I was just crawling up some bands, when i stumble upon this one, from JAPAN , TOKYO
(where i could add some #storyofhope also from JAPAN, interesting alternative metal/trash)

#NOTHING TO DECLARE is an Alternative/punk Rock band from Tokyo. 
The band was founded in 2005 in Singapore as Mas Kimura’s solo project during his earlier music career as a member of Pug Jelly/Saw Loser. (band's site)

They've got catchy sounds, though their still in that process where good performers need to stick with their "payers" so "dead" an "death" or similar are constant here. 
They're show is coherent with style and public hence ... i like to hear them, as they remind me japanese anime OST ! <;-) here's "we stand alone".

Band shows:

SCALE (1-20)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Rodrigo y Gabriela

A fantastic guitar duo, very connected in the stages; 

Based in flamenco sounds, they are very flexible from they're classical moves up to some mix metal notes; I guess the key here is the GUITAR itself since they use it also as percussion, a burning semi acoustic guitar (sometimes with some FX) ... Paco de Lucia (d. in Mexico)  would be happy with them! 
(they've launched this new song in 2015 adding voice ....  for myself don't know if it is very .... coherent though)

#RodrigoandGabriela they sure put some nice and interesting live performances! Congrats.

Band shows:

SCALE (1-20)

Thursday, October 15, 2015


#Best Youth
is a 4 member eletro pop Portuguese band with mostly two host faces.

Lyrics are light and simple as it should, for the purpose
it has a catchy sound and feels you wanna hear it again (with the risk of getting tired)

Voice is sweet.

Instruments have much of computer processors, but we're in the XXI cent. and you can listen also
interesting notes in other tracks, with acoustic guitars, bass, and drummers. "wait for me"

Their hits, i believe, are "Hang Out" and this "Mirror Ball"

Congrats Best Youth!
where you can listen? today in Manchester, UK.

Band shows:

SCALE (1-20)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


they "foal" from 2005 .... nice and interesting  rhythm, the beat makes the difference here.
i can hear a bit of the U2 or even the James inside or even (but more deep) the Smiths. Its a mix that reminds me the punk sounds with a fade voice.

Liked most "Inhaler":  there's something there that triggered me the Foo Fighters.

Surely its not another falsetto voice band (as sometimes there's seem to be a trend)
 as its showed  at the same "Inhaler"

Lyrics fit their purpose they're not subtl, neither obvious, its in the middle;
They're balanced it terms of instrument sounding.

They have a strong signature and aligned within all my heard track,
though it can be a bit repetitive

They're music animals!

Band shows:

SCALE (1-20)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Portugal The Man

these guys sound great and different; A band from 2004, Alaska US. (keep doing it!)
have deep commitment in stage.

The voices perfectly combine and there's room for more in what comes to creativity,
for what i've heard so far, originality comes from the natural sounds, so prefer the live shows;
The edited  late sound is more commercial, but that will always be the dilemma on a band, stick
to the original sound or step ahead to broader markets.

Instruments are coherent with attitude and bands philosophy...
keyboards not always fit in the live concert

Lyrics are true with band spirit, they are daring light (sometimes obvious)
but not too deep, no need for it, its meant for younger target. "could it be we've got lost in summer",  "we've got the whole world hanging there in our little sea of air"

so: long live Portugal. The Man,

Band shows:

SCALE (0-20)